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Tiger Woods 13, The Masters and Now Mistresses


The adult film industry is nothing if not the shrewdest group of marketers around. With Tiger Woods picking up his first PGA TOUR win since The Nightmare Before Thanksgiving in 2009, The Masters coming up next week and this week’s release of Tiger Wood PGA TOUR 13 on Xbox and PS3, Vivid Entertainment is throwing their Tiger Woods-related merch into the pot with “3 Mistresses.”

Win Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 13


Tiger’s a winner again and we’re getting caught up in the excitement with our friends over at Cosby Sweaters. We want to see you win a free copy of Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 13 today and working Amen Corner at Augusta by tonight.

Tiger Woods 13 Encourages Season Ticket Folding


When EA SPORTS unveiled Season Ticket last summer, this notion of a 20% discount on downloadable content across EA SPORTS titles was among the most –relatively speaking– intriguing features along with the 3-day early release window. You pay your $25 for the subscription and once you’ve bought $125 worth of downloadable content, you’re getting over on EA.

Shaq Swings on Tiger Woods 13


Tiger Woods battling Shaquille O’Neal for the soul of Orlando, FL in a Kung Fu free-for-all would be an amazing spectacle. And such an event is still out there to be had after this short form video of Tiger and Shaq swinging imaginary golf clubs fell short on its implied promise of high profile athlete bloodshed.

Exclusive Country Clubs in Tiger Woods 13

Tiger Woods 13 Pebble Beach 1

In Tiger Woods 13, country clubs will function similar to the boxing gyms we saw in Fight Night Champion last year where groups of like minded golfers can organize together, battle each other and earn coins quickly.